right at the top of the Spanish Steps, you’ll find the Villa Medici: a charming, Renaissance palace that often hosts film and literary reviews.  There’s also 7 hectares (approx 17 acres) of park to enjoy and one of the best places in Rome to admire the sunset.

Before heading back to the hotel, why not call in at the AcquaMadre Hammam well-being centre for some sheer pleasure and relaxation.




You can pick-up the hard-surface trail that runs along the banks of the River Tiber just 1 km from the Boutique Rooms, and choose whether to run, jog or walk under some of Rome’s most historic bridges – from the one at the Castel S. Angelo to the one that goes to Tiberina Island. An opportunity to have a work out and enjoy an evocative and different view of Rome from below at the same time.

The largest green area in the capital is also only 1 km away.  The Villa Doria Pamphili has various trails dotted with exercise equipment as well as dirt tracks in good condition for running.



Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta on the Aventine might seem like your average square – but actually, it is hiding a secret. Take a look through the keyhole of one particular door and, like thousands before you, gasp and marvel at what you see…

For an enigmatic experience involving St. Peter’s – walk along the Via Niccolò Piccolomini from the Villa Doria Pamphili towards the Vatican.  You’ll see that the closer you get, the further away the Basilica’s magnificent dome appears to be – but if you walk back the way you came, the further away you get from the dome, the bigger it seems.  A fascinating trick created by perspectives.